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8. Future Exotic Beam Facility
(G. R. Young)

DOE has charged NSAC, at the July 21, 2006, meeting, to develop a plan for an exotic beam facility which would cost approximately half the estimated cost of RIA, which was about $1.1B. This facility should be placed in the international context of facilities in this area of science. One would expect it to have world-leading capabilities in its areas of emphasis and to complement other facilities extant or under consruction. The charge letter notes that to begin engineering and design work in FY2011 requires the design be defined already in FY2007. A subcommittee is being set up to address this question and report to NSAC by March 2007. The report from this subcommittee would be expected to be reflected in the Long Range Plan which NSAC was also asked at this same meeting to update by late 2007. The report should also define the expected facility well enough that the agency could move forward with a request for proposals, which means the facility must be well-enough defined that a proposal to build it could be written, which in turn implies a definite design, proposed approach, cost and schedule. DOE has indicated all options are open to create such a facility. One can thus consider heavy-ion drivers, ISOL facilties based on light-ion drivers, or alternative approaches.

The text of the charge letter can be found at

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