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5. Injector for Radioactive Ion Species 2 (IRIS2)
(B. A. Tatum)

The IRIS2 Project commenced at the beginning of this year. Accounts were opened with an initial allocation of $1.4M following approval of the Project Management Plan. Initial priority was placed on finalizing the beam optics design for the injector beam transport line, and determining the configuration of the high-voltage platform system for both the target and instrumentation rooms. Both tasks have been completed and the high-voltage platform system has been ordered. Procurement of the injector beamline RIB analysis magnet system is now under way. This system includes a 25-degree rectangular pre-separator magnet and two 60-degree sector dipoles that will be operated in a series electrical configuration. In addition, design efforts have begun for the 250-kV high- voltage conduits that will carry cables and utilities through the 9.5-foot wall between the target and instrumentation room platform systems. A ten-foot extension of the HPTL remote handling system bridge crane has been ordered, along with an automation package upgrade. Localized shielding and support structure design is also proceeding well. Design of an HVAC system that will provide both temperature and humidity control for the target room is nearing completion. The IRIS2 Project is on schedule and on budget.

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