Edition 4, No. 4 August 30, 1996 Price: FREE

Editor:  Carl J. Gross
Contributor: J. R. Beene

1. First Radioactive Ion Beam Accelerated at HRIBF

At 1 PM today the initial goal of the low intensity commissioning phase of the HRIBF was achieved when a radioactive 70-As beam was produced, transported to the 25 MeV tandem accelerator, and accelerated to an energy of 140 MeV. The 70-As was produced with the 70-Ge(p,n) reaction on a liquid Ge target using a low intensity (~50 nA) proton beam from ORIC. After mass analysis and charge exchange, the 70-As beam, together with a 70-Ge pilot beam, was accelerated off the RIB injector platform to an energy of 200 keV and deposited on a moving tape system where the 70-As content was determined by detecting characteristic decay gamma-rays. The tape system was then retracted and the beam was transported to the tandem, accelerated, and the 70-As decay was again observed. Quantitative details will be provided next week.

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