HRIBF PAC-9 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-9 Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on August 21-22, 2003. A total of 266 eight-hour shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs), 72 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs), and 28 shifts of SIBs for RIBs were requested. One hundred ninety-one shifts were approved, including 148 shifts of RIBs, 28 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 15 shifts of SIBs.

RIB-061 - Decay mechanisms in the emission of two protons from a resonance in 18Ne
      J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
      10 RIB shifts and 2 SIB for RIB shifts

RIB-063 - Fragmentation of single particle strengths in neutron-rich Sr isotopes
      J. Cizewski and J. Thomas (Rutgers University)
      15 RIB shifts

RIB-081 - Search for proton emission in the decay of odd-odd nucleus 144Tm
      R. Grzywacz (ORNL)
      15 SIB shifts

RIB-083 - Static quadrupole moment of the first 2+ level in 126Sn via the reorientation effect
      D. Radford (ORNL)
      15 RIB shifts and 3 SIB for RIB shifts

RIB-084 - Study of neutron-rich Sb nuclei via proton pickup reactions
      J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
      15 RIB shifts

RIB-085 - Study of fusion enhancement/hindrance with massive neutron-rich projectiles
      W. Loveland (Oregon State University)
      19 RIB shifts and 1 SIB for RIB shift

RIB-119 - Stable beam (d,p) in the A=130 region
      R. Kozub (Tennessee Tech University) and K. Grzywacz-Jones (Rutgers University)
      9 SIB for RIB shifts

RIB-120 - Fusion of 132Sn and 64Ni above the Coulomb barrier
      J. Liang (ORNL)
      14 RIB shifts and 3 SIB shifts

RIB-121 - Subbarrier fusion of 134Sn with 64Ni
      D. Shapira (ORNL)
      24 RIB shifts

RIB-122 - Structure of neutron-rich nuclei near 78Ni studied via beta-decay of postaccelerated Cu beams
      J. Winger (Mississippi State University)
      9 RIB shifts and 6 SIB for RIB shifts

RIB-123 - Search for inverse fission of uranium
      W. Loveland (Oregon State University)
      18 RIB shifts and 1 SIB for RIB shift

RIB-124 - A pilot study of B(E2) values in odd-A nuclei via Coulomb excitation using neutron-rich radioactive beams
      C.-H. Yu (ORNL)
      9 RIB shifts and 3 SIB for RIB shifts

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