HRIBF PAC-6e Experiments

HRIBF PAC-6e Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee convened via a conference call on October 29, 2001. A total of 75 eight-hour shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs) and 51 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) were requested. Forty-five shifts of RIBs and 42 shifts of SIBs were approved.

RIB-084 - Supplementary request: Study of neutron-rich Sb nuclei via proton pickup reactions
     J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
     6 additional SIB shifts to RIB-084

RIB-090 - Nucleon transfer spectroscopy with pure tin radioactive ion beams
     D. C. Radford (ORNL)
     9 SIB shifts

RIB-091 - Fusion of 132Sn and 64Ni near the Coulomb barrier
     J. F. Liang (ORNL)
     15 RIB shifts

RIB-092 - Single-particle strengths in neutron-rich N=82 nuclei
     J. A. Cizewski (Rutgers University)
     15 SIB shifts

RIB-093 - Coulomb excitation of the first excited 2+ state in 132Sn
     J. R. Beene (ORNL)
     30 RIB shifts and 6 SIB shifts

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