HRIBF Post PAC-4 Experiments

HRIBF Post PAC-4 Experiments

RIB-053 - Search for Neutron Single-particle States in 149Yb and 145Er via Proton Radioactivity Studies

T. Ginter (Vanderbilt University)
15 RIBs

RIB-054 - (p,t) Reactions with the SIDAR Detector Array

D. Bardayan (University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill)
18 SIBs

RIB-055 - Resonances in the 11B + 1H System Below Ecm = 2 MeV

J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
3 SIBs

RIB-056 - Comparison of Stable and Neutron Rich Br Induced Fusion Near the Coulomb Barrier

F. Liang (ORISE)
9 SIBs, 27 RIBs

RIB-057 - Gamma-ray Studies with Neutron-rich RIBs

D. Radford (ORNL)
3 SIBs, 12 RIBs

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