HRIBF Post PAC-3 Experiments

HRIBF Post PAC-3 Experiments

RIB-029 - In-beam Spectroscopy Study of the Proton Emitter 167Ir with Recoil-decay Tagging Technique

Chang-Hong Yu (ORNL)
15 SIBs

RIB-030 - Study of N = Z Nucleus 88Ru

W. Gelletly (University of Surrey)
17 SIBs

RIB-031 - States in 18Ne Populated by Resonance Scattering of 17F on 1H Using Thick Targets

A. Galindo-Uribarri (ORNL)
6 RIBs

RIB-032 - Studies of the Isomers in Tz = 1 Nuclei Near Doubly Magic 100Sn with the Recoil Mass Spectrometer

R. Grzywacz (ORNL)
21 SIBs

RIB-033 - A Search for Fine Structure in a Proton Decay in Deformed Nuclei 141Ho and 131Eu

K. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
21 RIBs

RIB-034 - Search for Proton Emission from 149Lu

J. Batchelder (ORISE/ORNL)
12 SIBs

RIB-035 - Target Ion Source Development (actinide targets)

D. Stracener (ORISE/ORNL)

RIB-036 - Beta Decay of Tz = -1 66Se

A. Piechaczek (ORNL)

RIB-037 - Tandem Development

M. Meigs/R. Juras (ORNL)

RIB-038 - ORIC Development

A. Tatum (ORNL)

RIB-039 - High Voltage Injector Development

P. Mueller (ORNL)

RIB-040 - Beam Diagnostics Development

D. Shapira (ORNL)

RIB-041 - Double Strand Breaks in DNA

S. Datz (ORNL)

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