Accommodations in Oak Ridge

Accommodations in Oak Ridge
Dormitory-style accommodations (priority for HRIBF users) are available on-site at the Joint Institute. Contact Ms. Jessica Rose (865) 574-4576 for further information.

The local phone numbers and location of the principle hotels and motels in Oak Ridge are given below. This is not a comprehensive list nor do we favor one establishment over another. Typical room rates are between 85-100 USD per night single occupancy. Non-smoking rooms are available.

Off-site Oak Ridge Area Accommodations

Establishment Street address U.S. toll-free telephone Local telephone
Comfort Inn 433 S. Rutgers Avenue 1-800-228-5150 1-865-481-8200
Days Inn 206 S. Illinois Avenue 1-800-329-7466 1-865-483-5615
Double Tree
(formerly Garden Plaza)
215 S. Illinois Avenue 1-800-222-8733 1-865-481-2468
Hampton Inn 208 S. Illinois Avenue 1-800-426-7866 1-865-482-7889
Jameson Inn 216 S. Rutgers Avenue 1-800-526-3766 1-865-483-6809
Staybridge Suites 420 S. Illinois Ave. 1-877-238-8889 1-865-298-0050
Super 8 1590 Oak Ridge Turnpike 1-800-800-8000 1-865-483-1200
Vista Inn 1590 Oak Ridge Turnpike 1-865-482-9968
Oak Ridge Suites
(Furnished apartments)
189-193 Tusculum Drive 1-865-617-3399
Westgate Lodging
(Furnished apartments)
101 Gates Drive 1-865-481-0603

A dining guide for Oak Ridge is available.

Other accommodations may be obtained in the area. If a Knoxville location is more desirable, West Knoxville has good access to ORNL (see area maps).

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