On-line Target/ Ion Source Test Facility

The on-line target/ ion source test facility (UNISOR) plays a critical role in our RIB beam development program; candidate target/ ion sources can be evaluated with low production beam intensities allowing normalized yields of RIBs to be directly measured without extensive radiological encumbrances.  This facility, shown above, is composed of an end station on-line to the 25 MeV tandem accelerator where candidate target/ ion sources can be mounted.  The diagram above shows this end station, a 90 degree mass separation magnet (m/Dm ~ 2000) and three beam analysis stations. The three stations include: a conventional spectroscopy end station equipped with a moving tape system for determining radioactive ion beam yields from various candidate target/ ion source systems; a charge exchange measurement apparatus for investigating charge exchange efficiencies of stable species and collinear laser/fast beam spectroscopy apparatus, for the study of nuclear hyperfine structure.


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