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Electrical power to equipment in the terminal and column “dead” sections is provided by generators powered by two rotating insulated shafts running the full length of the column.  In addition to the terminal magnet, which provides excellent charge-state separation, the column structure is equipped with three quadrupole lenses, three sets of steerers, and a second stripper located in the upper major dead section.  Remote control of this equipment is accomplished with CAMAC electronics which communicates with the outside world via infrared-light links through the transparent SF6 insulating gas. . 

Among the advantages accruing from the folded configuration is location of ion sources at ground level where access is more convenient.  The stable, negative-ion source is mounted on an injector platform capable of operating at potentials up to 550 kV.  The new radioactive ion beam source, located in a heavily-shielded room adjacent to ORIC which provides the light ion beams for target bombardment, is mounted on an injector platform that is capable of operating at potentials up to 350 kV.

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