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FnPB training Guide

If your training plan has been entered into the ORNL training system (LRN) you can follow the instructions on this page to complete the necessary training.

Safety Contact

Charlie Havener, ORNL Physics Division Research Support Group Leader,
(865) 574-4704 (w)

Links for accessing LRN

Some browsers work better than others, depending which link you pick - so if you have problems, you might try another link

  • https://learning.ornl.gov/Saba/Web/Main
Make sure that your browser takes you to this exact URL.

  • It is possible to log on to LRN in Internet Explorer by using the following URL: https://learning.ornl.gov/SSOLoginForm/LoginForm.aspx

  • Or try to log on using this URL: https://learning.ornl.gov

Logging into the LRN System

If you currently have an active ORNL UCAMS account, then
log in with your UCAMS three character User ID and password.

If you let your UCAMS account lapse, you will have to call the ORNL computer helpline at (865) 241-6765 to reactivate or terminate your UCAMS account before you can get into LRN.

If you do not have a UCAMS account (and never have had one), you can log in using your badge number as both the User name and password. The leading zeros in the badge number are not required.

Navigating the LRN System

Once you have logged in you should be directed to your very own LRN home page. It should say "Welcome YOUR NAME" in the upper right corner.

Your LRN home page has two tabs in the upper left corner:

Click on the Learning tab. It may take a minute to load the page.
Under the Learning tab, in the left margin, click on My Certifications.

This is the complete list of all the training you need to take, and includes your current training status:
*Assigned (means training is not current)
*Aquired (means complete and current)

If you need to take training, click on the title of the training you want to take. A new page will open.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a box with the title of the training.
Mouse-over the title of the training and select Register for Course.

All "delivery types" for that training (printed copy, web based, classroom) should appear.
Use the "Launch" link to SELECT WEB BASED training.

The next page provides an opportunity to change the charge number (rarely needed).

Click on Complete Registration AND WAIT. It takes a minute but the training application should open in a new window. You should NOT need to click on "launch content" again.

Follow the instructions for completing the training.


Sometimes LRN does not record training completed. I recommend saving the "you successfully completed the training" page just in case I need to ask ORNL to give you credit. Please check your own training completion status. I won't know there is a problem unless you tell me.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: FnPB Training that cannot be completed on the web

  • Read the SNS Cryogenic Safety training manual and send an email to Sandra Kennedy stating you have done so.

  • Contact Robbie DeJarnette (574-6931) to schedule your HFIR/SNS Radiological Worker practical factors training as soon as you complete the web portion of the training.

  • Complete both of the Job-Specific HazCom training modules after you arrive (you will need two copies, one for beamline operations to be filled out by Seppo Penttila, and one for the JINS lab, to be filled out by Paul Mueller).

  • Contact Sabine McNulty (576-2795) for questions or problems with access to the SNS Experiment Hall (Bldg. 8700).