Dear neutron EDM colleagues,


Oak Ridge National Lab will host a workshop October 11-13 on next-generation neutron EDM experiments. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the different approaches to neutron EDM measurement and to discuss the progress of each experiment as they address their technical challenges.

We are aware of seven different experiments that hope to achieve sensitivity at the level of < 10-27 ecm, two at ILL, and one each at PSI, FRM/II, SNS, TRIUMF and JPARC. We hope participants from each of these experiments will present an overview of their experiment (1 talk with about 45 mins + 15 mins discussion) and a discussion of key technical challenges and results (2-4 talks about 80 mins total + 40 mins discussion total). We will complete the overview talks on the first day and cover the shorter talks, along with a tour of the SNS, on the second and third days.

The meeting agenda can be found here.

Logistics information is posted here.

Thanks to all,

Brad Filippone (Caltech)

Geoff Greene (University of Tennessee)

Vince Cianciolo (Oak Ridge)

Steve Clayton (Los Alamos)