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  Heavy Ions

Research Focus
• Understanding the formation and characteristics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
• Understanding the nature of hot dense nuclear matter formed in high-energy collisions
• Development of detection systems capable of simultaneous measurements and identification of many thousands of particles particles generated in heavy-ion collisions - the collisions also typically occur at the level of many thousands of times per second.
Research Group
Group Members (years at ORNL):
   Scientific Staff: Terry Awes (1981-), Vince Cianciolo (1997-), Yuri Efremenko (1992-, UTK joint faculty), Ken Read (1991-, UTK joint faculty), Soren Sorensen (1985-, UTK), David Silvermyr (2003-), Paul Stankus (1993-)
    PostDocs: Paraskevi Ganoti (2010-), Matt Wysocki (2012-)
    Recent Alumni: Akitomo Enokizono (2008-2011, faculty/research position in Japan), Glenn Young (1978-2009, ret., now at JLab), Chun Zhang (2005-2007, now in financial industry), Sotiria Batsouli (2005-2007, now in financial industry), Franz Plasil (1967-2001, ret.)

Partial group photo (May 2012, with UTK colleagues);
Back row: David Silvermyr, Cheuk-Yin Wong, Terry Awes, Ken Read, Soren Sorensen, Irakli Martashvili.
Front row: Yuri Efremenko, Matt Wysocki, Paul Stankus, Rebecca Scott, Christine Nattrass, Joel Mazer.
Missing: Vince Cianciolo
For More Information
Group Leader: Vince Cianciolo
Email: cianciolotv at ornl.gov