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Nucleosynthesis is the process of creating heavier nuclei via sequences of fusion reactions of lighter nuclei. Nucleosynthesis studies strive to understand the cosmic origin of all of the nuclides, as well as the energy generation that occurs during these thermonuclear processes. We perform nucleosynthesis calculations that are self-consistently coupled to hydrodynamics, as well as separate ''post-processing'' calculations where hydrodynamic conditions are kept fixed during the thermonuclear burning.
Research Activities
• Nucleosynthesis in Core Collapse Supernovae

• Nucleosynthesis in Thermonuclear (Type Ia) Supernovae

• Nucleosynthesis in Novae

Related Efforts:

Computational Nucleosynthesis

Explosive Nucleosynthesis

Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics

Online Software Systems

For More Information
Group Leader: Raph Hix
Email: raph at ornl.gov