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Computational Nucleosynthesis Studies
• We perform simulations of the nucleosynthesis occurring in stellar explosions including novae, X-ray bursts, and supernovae

• We utilize a post-processing approach where the temperature and density histories of the explosion are given by separate calculations that couple nuclear burning and hydrodynamics

• We have developed and continue to expand an online system for running, sharing, and visualizing these simulations, as well as for creating and managing the nuclear physics input: the Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics

• We have also developed simulation systems for element creation in the early universe, bigbangonline, as well as other specialized systems for the nuclear science community such as nuclearmasses.org.

For More Information
Group Leader: Michael Smith, smithms at ornl.gov

Collaborators in Theoretical Astrophysics:

• Group Leader: W. Raphael Hix, raph at ornl.gov, raph at utk.edu