ORNL Physics Division
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Measurement Types
• We make direct measurements of capture reactions on proton-rich unstable nuclei that power novae and X-ray bursts

• We measure transfer reactions that mimic capture and provide information on resonances that dominate reaction rates

• We directly measure proton-induced reactions such as (p,alpha) [and its inverse (alpha-p)] that are important in novae and X-ray bursts

• We measure elastic and inelastic scattering reactions to search for resonances and measure their properties, in order to indirectly determine reaction rates

• We develop advanced detector and target systems to carry out these measurements

Research Activities
Transfer Reactions

Capture Reactions

p-induced Reactions


      • Daresbury Recoil Separator

      • SuperORRUBA

      • SIDAR

      • VANDLE

      • JENSA

      • SECAR

For More Information
Group Leader: Michael Smith
Email: smithms at ornl.gov