Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos Working Group

This working group will provide input to the 2012 NSAC subcommittee regarding the implementation of the 2007 Long-Range Plan.

The final Whitepaper

Here is the final whitepaper of recommendations for the Tribble committee.

DNP Mini-Town Meeting

The Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos Mini town meeting was held at the DNP 2012 meeting, Thursday, October 25. Here is the meeting program. The presentations about Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos are included below.

19:30 Welcome Takeyasu Ito, LANL
19:40 Neutrino Physics Highlights Hamish Robertson, Washington
20:10 Fundamental Symmetries Highlights David Hertzog, Washington
20:40 The Chicago Meeting: Recommendations and White Paper Status Vince Cianciolo, ORNL
21:00 Community Discussion of Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrino Priorities moderated by Doug Beck, UIUC
21:30 Discussion of Possible Formal Community Advocacy Group Susan Seestrom, LANL
Friday Afternoon Town Meeting Summary Talk at Town Meeting Alan Poon, LBNL

NSAC Subcommittee meetings and presentations

The NSAC subcommittee met September 6 to September 8. Here is the program . The presentations about Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos are below.

13:30 - 14:20 Fundamental Symmetries overview M. Ramsey-Musolf
14:20 - 15:00 Neutrinos overview (Revised 15 Sept 2012) H. Robertson
15:00 - 15:20 JLab Parity experiments K. Paschke
15:20 - 15:40 EDM overview B. Filippone
15:40 - 16:10 Other FS experiments D. Hertzog
16:10 - 16:40 ββ-decay overview S. Freedman
16:40 - 17:15 Neutrino experiments K. Heeger

Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos Whitepaper

Please see the executive summary of the whitepaper.

FUNSYM - workshop program and documents

Workshop Program

10 August 2012

Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM D. Dean (ORNL) Welcome and Charge
8:15 AM B. Filippone (Cal Tech) What the NSAC subcommittee needs from YOU!
8:45 AM V. Cirigliano (LANL) In Search of the New Standard Model
9:15 AM Refreshments
9:45 AM H. Robertson (U. Washington) Neutrino mass, lepton number and the origin of matter
10:30 AM Z-T. Lu (ANL) EDM Searches
11:15 AM K. Heeger (Wisconsin) Neutrino Oscillations and Interactions
12:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM W. Marciano (BNL) Leptons and quarks theory
2:00 PM D. Hertzog (U. Washington) Leptons and quarks experiment
2:45 PM Refreshments
3:15 PM Solicited Talks (15+5 minutes)
K. Lesko DUSEL (30+10 minutes)
A. Piepke EXO
A. Young UCN program at LANL
C. Y. Liu Towards a 0.1 second measurement of the Neutron Lifetime in a Magneto-Gravitational Trap (10+5)
W. Louis Neutrino Oscillations and sterile neutrinos
Y. Kolomensky CUORE
A. Poon Majorana Demonstrator
V. Gudkov Symmetry Violations in Nuclei
7:00 PM Adjourn for the day

11 August 2012

Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM K. Scholberg Non-oscillation Neutrino Physics at the SNS
8:15 AM B. Plaster (Kentucky) Facilities
8:45 AM S. Elliott (LANL) Zero-neutrino double beta decay status (toward 1-tonne experiments)
9:25 AM G. Orebi Gann SNO+
9:45 AM Refreshments
10:00 AM B. Filippone (Cal Tech) nEDM status
10:30 AM K. Paschke (Virginia) JLAB Parity Violation Experiment Status
11:00 AM J. Nico Neutron experiments at NIST and ORNL(15+5 minutes)
11:20 PM D. Dean
11:45 AM Lunch
1:00 PM D. Dean / B. Balantekin Priority Statements for NSAC subommittee
3:00 PM Adjourn

Two-page Writeups

Send PDF versions of the papers to

A. Bolozdynya, F. Cavanna, G. Greene, Y. Efremenko, A. Hatzikoutelis, R. Hix, J. M. Link, W. C. Louis, D. Markoff, P. Mueller, K. Patton, K. Scholberg, C. Virtue, J. Yoo
Opportunities for Neutrino Physics at the Spallation Neutron Source

W. C. Louis
OscSNS: A Precision Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at the SNS

R. S. Tschirhart
Opportunities to Advance Fundamental Symmetries Research with Project X

B. Filippone
Search for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment at the SNS

Z.-T. Lu
Searches for Electric Dipole Moments

T. Allen, A. B. Balantekin, H. R. Band, A. Bernstein, N. Bowden, C. Bryan, S. Hans, K. M. Heeger, R. Johnson, B. R. Littlejohn, H. P. Mumm, J. S. Nico, R. E. Williams, and M. Yeh
Opportunities for the Precision Study of Reactor Antineutrinos at Very Short Baselines at US Research Reactors

J. S. Nico, G. L. Greene, F. E. Wietfeldt, and W. S. Wilburn
Fundamental Physics with Cold Neutrons

P. Kyberd, D.R. Smith, L. Coney, S. Pascoli, C. Ankenbrandt, S.J. Brice, A.D. Brossa, H. Cease, J. Kopp, N. Mokhov, J. Morfin, D. Neuffer, M. Popovic, P. Rubinov, S. Striganov, A. Blondel, A. Bravar, E. Noah, R. Bayes, F.J.P. Soler, A. Dobbs, K. Long, J. Pasternak, E. Santos, M.O. Wascko, S.K. Agarwalla, S.A. Bogacz, Y. Mori, J.B. Lagrange, A. de Gouvea, Y. Kuno, A. Sato, V. Blackmore, J. Cobb, C. D. Tunnell, J.M. Link, P. Huber, and W. Winter
Neutrinos from STORed Muons: νSTORM

J. Miller, R. Bernstein, on behalf of the Mu2e Collaboration
The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab: a Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation

K.T. Lesko
The Sanford Underground Research Facility at Homestake

H. Gao, S. S. Jawalker, M. R. Schindler, W. M. Snow, R. P. Springer, and Ying Wu
Parity Violation in Photonuclear Reactions at HIGS

Vladimir Gudkov
Symmetry Violation in Nuclei

G. D. Orebi Gann
Neutrino Physics with SNO+

Y. Kolomensky, CUORE collaboration
Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay with CUORE

J. F. Wilkerson and S. R. Elliott
A Search for Neutrinoless Double β-Decay of Germanium-76

A. Piepke, R.G. H. Robertson
Next Generation Neutrinoless Double β-Decay Experiments(19 Sept 2012)

Y. K. Semertzidis
Storage Ring Proton EDM(19 Sept 2012)

Organizing Committee


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