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These programs and data are open source data developed by ORNL Physics Division staff and posted for the use of our colleagues in nuclear structure and related fields. Select a tab to learn more and download the files.



evapOR is a nuclear statistical model code, derived from Julian-Pace. It is not supported and was last worked on in 1999. The latest author was Jim Beene of the ORNL Physics Division.



07 May 2020

These programs are LINESHAPE and LIFETIME, created by John Wells, Noah Johnson and others associated with the nuclear spectroscopy research program at ORNL Physics.

The original codes are written in a dialect of FORTRAN by Digital Equipment Corporation. As they are, they will not compile under a modern (Fortran 95! or later) compiler. You may adapt them as you can for your use.

The version of LIFETIME that will compile, lifetime-gfortran.tgz, has been provided by
Prof. Luiz Emediato
FEI University at SBC
Sao Paulo, SP



HRIBF Data Analysis software UPAK and Data Acquisition

11 August 2020

Data Analysis

HRIBF software for data analysis, called UPAK. Programming languages are FORTRAN and C. The FORTRAN has been modernized enough to compile safely under more recent GCC verisions.

The single source code should compile on all the supported architectures, including Mac OSX and Linux, after the astute user gently modifies the topmost Makefile.

Data Acquisition

This data acquisistion software uses an MVME5500 front-end to read event data in realtime. It was used at the HRIBF facility and is still used by a few collaborations. It requires RTEMS-4.10 to operate, provided as a separate tgz file. The Gretina interface requires the EPICS control system base install, which is also provided. These should work for RHEL7 and RHEL8 with just installation. This should build on most Linux varieties. This software is offered to our nuclear physics colleagues, whereis, asis.
Email varnerrl@ornl.gov

radford ftp

Radford FTP


Radware software for gamma-ray data analysis

This is the source code for Linux/Unix/MacOSX version of David Radford's Data Analysis Software. The documentation can be found at https://radware.phy.ornl.gov/ and in other files in the doc directory.

Current Release


ND - Nuclear Data

Radware Nuclear Data files