FRIB Data Acquisition Working Group

2016 LECM Satellite meeting

Jordan Science Hall, University of Notre Dame

Thursday August 11, 2016

Issues and topics for discussion

The FRIB DAQ working group will be hosting a satellite meeting on Thursday August 11, 2016 to precede the Low Energy Community Meeting. The satellite meeting is open to all and participation is encouraged as we will discuss topics relevant for reading out detector systems and analyzing data in the FRIB era. We plan to have remote conferencing available for those who cannot be present in person. Topics and some questions that will be addressed and discussed are:

Operation of the working group

Understand the data acquisition and analysis needs of the FRIB user community using meetings and topical panels, promoting the development of standards and implementations to meet those needs.

Input from the community

Topical Panels of the community

Computational, network and storage resources required and desired by FRIB systems and researchers

Data analysis in the era of FRIB

Should there be a permanent subcommittee about this?

Connections with the Nuclear Electronics Industry

Community contributed presentations

Contributions are welcome