FRIB Data Acquisition Working Group

2016 LECM Satellite meeting

Jordan Science Hall, University of Notre Dame

Thursday August 11, 2016


Topic Speaker Time
Introduction Robert Varner 1:00
Summary of July 2015 DAQ workshop and user community input Robert Varner 1:10
Working panel updates 1:30 PM
Beamline and accelerator controls interfaces Jeromy Tompkins 1:30
Timing and synchronization Robert Varner 2:15
Discussion of future panels TBD 2:45
Break 3:00
Community contributions 3:30 PM
High Performance Digital Electronics with Embedded ARM and Linux Wojtek Skulski (U. Rochester)3:30
An Overview of UTK Software Development Stan Paulaskas (U. Tenn) 3:40
DAQ and Data Analysis needs for the SπRIT TPC Betty Tsang (NSCL) 3:50
Computational, network and storage resources for FRIB experiments 4:00 PM
Introduction Ron Fox 4:00
Discussion Jeromy Tompkins 4:10
Planning for data analysis in the FRIB era 5:00 PM
Introduction and discussion Robert Varner 5:00
Connections with Commercial Vendors TBD 5:45 PM
Adjourn 6:00 PM