FRIB Data Acquisition Working Group

2018 LECM Working Group Session

NSCL/FRIB Michigan State University

BPS 1400

Friday August 10, 2018


Topic Speaker Time
Welcome and introduction Robert Varner (ORNL) 4:45PM (2 min)
Community tools for data acquisition: building useful standards that don't require you to change your data format Amy Roberts (UC Denver) 4:50PM (15 min)
Detector Readout Electronics Synchronized Through Ethernet Network Timing Techniques Wolfgang Hennig (XIA) 5:05PM (15 min)
GRETA data acquisition architecture Mario Cromaz (LBNL) 5:20PM (15 min)
Paving the DAQ Road from NSCL to FRIB Giordano Cerizza (NSCL) 5:35PM (15 min)
Digital Data Acquisition Electronics for Nuclear Physics David Miller (SkuTek Instrumentation) 5:50PM (15 min)
CAEN new digitizer platform Marco Locatelli (CAEN Technologies, Inc) 6:05PM (15 min)