FRIB Data Acquisition Working Group

2017 LECM Working Group Session

Argonne National Laboratory

Thursday August 3, 2017


Topic Speaker Time
Status and goals of the working group Robert Varner (ORNL) 2:00
Data Acquisition development at NSCL Ron Fox (NSCL) 2:05
Plans for integration of GRETINA into the DGS/DFMA distributed timing/trigger system for the 2017-18 campaign John Anderson (ANL) 2:20
GRETA data acquisition concepts Mario Cromaz (LBNL) 2:35
Scalable DAQ with Distributed Trigger Wojtek Skulski (SkuTek Instrumentation) 2:50
Distributed Digital Data Acquisition System with Network Time Synchronization Chris Cox (XIA) 3:05
A digital VME DAQ - approach for performance and simplicity Andreas Ruben (Wiener, Plein & Baus) 3:20