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Opening, Closing, and Saving Files

The Load Window

The XV load window lets you load and view images interactively, without specifying them on the command line when you start XV. The load window shows the contents of the current directory in a scrolling window sorted alphabetically. Pressing the Ok button (or typing ) will cause the program to attempt to load the specified file. If the load attempt is successful, the load window will disappear, and the new image will be displayed. The Browse checkbox keeps the load window visible until explicitly closed (via the Cancel button).

Figure 7 XV Load Window

The Save Window

The XV save window lets you write images back to disk, presumably after you've modified them.

Figure 8 XV Save Window

At the bottom of the window is a list of possible formats in which you can save the file. The "Save at normal size" checkbox forces XV to save the file at its original size (otherwise only the displayed image will be saved). The "File list" checkbox lets you save an entirely different type of information -- this option saves to a file the list of images currently in the XV file list.

The Color Choices are as follows:

The PostScript Window

The XV PostScript window lets you describe how your image should look when printed. You can set the paper size, image size, position the image on the paper, and print in `portrait' or `landscape' mode.

Figure 9 XV PostScript Window

The image can be (roughly) positioned on the page by clicking in the image rectangle and dragging it around. As you move the image, the "Top" and "Left" position displays will show the size of the top and left margins (the distance between the top-left corner of the page and the top-left corner of the image).

You can change the size of the printed image by adjusting the Width or Height dials. Normally, the dials are locked together, to keep the aspect ratio of the image constant. You can unlock the dials by turning off the checkbox located below the dials.

Located below the `page' rectangle is a set of radio buttons that let you specify the current paper size (8.5"x11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17", A4, B5, 4"x5", and 35mm), and orientation (Portrait and Landscape).

The Center button will center the image on the page and the Maxpect button will make the image as large as possible (maintaining half-inch margins on all sides).

At the top of the XV PostScript window are a pair of checkboxes. The `preview' checkbox lets you specify whether or not to include a b/w preview of the image in the PostScript file. Certain desktop publishing programs may make use of such a preview.

The `compress' checkbox lets you specify whether or not to generate compressed 8-bit per pixel PostScript.