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The "Remaining 13 Commands":

Figure 4 The "Remaining 13 Commands"

More about Cropping

Clicking and dragging the Middle button of the mouse inside the image window will allow you to draw a cropping rectangle on the image. To remove the rectangle, click the Middle button and release it without moving the mouse.

You can determine how large the cropping rectangle is (in image coordinates) by bringing up the XV info window. Do this by clicking the Info button in the XV controls window or by pressing the i key inside any open XV window.

If you want to set the size or position of the cropping rectangle precisely, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. First, make the XV info window visible as described above. Second, use the mouse to draw a rough approximation of the cropping rectangle that you want. You can now use the arrow keys to move the cropping rectangle around the image. Once you've gotten the top and left sides of the cropping rectangle precisely where you want them, you can move the bottom-right corner of the cropping rectangle by holding the <shift> key down while using the arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow will make the rectangle shorter, and pressing the down arrow will make the rectangle taller.

Once you have an appropriate cropping rectangle, you can proceed with the actual cropping operation. Click the Crop button in the XV controls window, or press the c key in any open XV window. The image window will shrink to show only portions of the image that were inside the cropping rectangle. You can return to the original, uncropped image by using the UnCrop command.

You can also fine-crop the image by pressing the <ctrl> key and one of the arrow keys. This will crop off one pixel from the edge of the image, based on the arrow key pressed. The Up key moves the bottom edge up one pixel, the Down key moves the top edge down one pixel, and so on.