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Clicking on this button will bring up information on the plot, as in Figure 2, which is the information on the image that begins this tutorial. If you have more than one plot shown, then it will ask you to specify which plot.

If you have been placing different annotations on the screen, or hiding different images, some residue may be left on the map. To clear this off without damaging the plot, click on this button.

If you have basically made a mess of everything, and you feel it would be better to start all over again, click on this button. It will get rid of everything that was there, and you will get the screen you originally saw without anything being left over. It will all be gone.

If you have too many plots graphed at once, and you wish to hide one of these, click on this button. It will give you a list of the plot numbers that have been entered, and whether or not they are hidden. To hide or unhide any of the plots, just click on the plot number.

This button will delete any specified plot. If you only have one plot entered, then it will act as the Clear button. If not, it will ask you to specify which plots you wish to delete.

This handy little tool will let you change the Eye Distance and the View Distance, as well as Rotate @ X and Z axes. Either enter in a rotation/distance factor in the given box, or use the middle mouse button on the slide to the left of the value. Be sure to watch the map while you make these changes. It will show you the axes and their position as you change them. Click on the Use button to view the graph in the different positions, and then click on EXIT when you are happy with the result of your manipulations.

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