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To display your data in polar coordinates (r, theta), choose the Display Polar option in Figure 3. Note that the window that appears does not have the option to change the palette. If you already have the cartesian set displayed, you may choose the Change Palette option available in that window (Figure 4), and that will change the palette for the polar graph as well. If not, then you may click on the Palette button located in the main dialogue box, Figure 1, and that will allow you to create a palette or load one you already have. Again, if you have questions about the palette, review the Palette section of this quickstart.

Figure 8 Polar Graph

Figure 8, which should look familiar by now, gives an example of what the data of ex2_1.sds would look like with a rainbow palette. Note that when you click on any area of the graph, the main window will give you the coordinates in r and theta, and the value of that point. Figure 9 shows the polar graph and the main dialogue box. The point highlighted in the graph is the most recent (r, theta) value given.