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Now that you have a data set to graph, either ex2_1.sds or one of your own, it is time to see what X Image can do. In Figure 3, click on the Display Cartesian option. Be warned: the palette given to you at the onset of your X Image session is the default system color palette. This beginning palette gives you very little information about the data set which is graphed. To change the palette, click on the Change Palette button. Then you may either load your own palette, or create one on the spot. For more information as to how to do this, go back to the Palette section of this quickstart. Using a rainbow palette, your data should resemble Figure 6.

Figure 6 Cartesian Graph

Notice that there is another button to use on this window. You may left click on the diamond to change this to Select Point, Select Line, or Select Area. These three options will be used in the Other Graphing Capabilities section.