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Start the X DataSlice application by typing

at which point you will see the dialog box shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Main Control Panel for NCSA X DataSlice

Select Load 3D SDS by clicking with the left mouse button and the dialog box shown in Figure 2 will appear.

Figure 2 X DataSlice File Window

The XDS application places the files that it can display at the top of the list of the contents of the directory from which X DataSlice was launched. In this example, there are three SDS files and the highlighted file in Figure 2 has been selected for loading. To load the Current Filename, code1.sds, click on LOAD SDS with the left mouse button.

Figure 3 Figure 3 X DataSlice File Attributes

The application does its best to determine the attributes of your SDS. In this case, it was able to recognize the dimensions of the data set and find the maximum and minimum values in the data set. At this point you can select one of four methods of inspecting your data set.

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