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To begin this tutorial, examine the following FORTRAN code, code1.f, that uses the HDF library to write a Scientific Data Set (SDS).

program code1 parameter(N1=50,N2=50,N3=50) dimension u(N1,N2,N3) c the integer array shape specifies a two dimensional array c DFSDsetdims is an HDF library routine for setting dimensions c of the scientific data set to be written c DFSDputdata is an HDF library routine for writing an array as a c scientific data set integer shape(3), DFSDsetdims, DFSDputdata character fn*10 shape(1) = N1 shape(2) = N2 shape(3) = N3 fn = 'code1.sds' xk = 0. do 1 k = 1,N3 xk = xk + 1.0 xj = 0. do 1 j = 1,N2 xj = xj + 1.0 xi = 0. do 1 i = 1,N1 xi = xi + 1.0 u(i,j,k) = (xi*xi+xj*xj+xk*xk-xi*xj-xj*xk)-25.*(xi+xk) 1 continue iret = DFSDsetdims( 3, shape ) if( write(6,*) 'return code dims was `, iret iret = DFSDputdata( fn, 3, shape, u ) if( write(6,*) 'return code put was `, iret end For full explanations of the calls to the HDF library, consult the HDF documentation, also available via anonymous ftp from

To execute this code, check with your system administrator to verify that the HDF library has been installed. Then proceed with:

and then, after compilation, execute Code 1 by entering