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5 Other Material on UNIX, vi, X-Windows

If you are on campus at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, you can find more information on these three topics, as well as mail, or MH, available outside the Hydra computer lab. These documents can be found in the hanging organizer by the printer. If the door to the Hydra lab is open, look behind the door for these colorful, informative sheets!!

Quick Reference Cards or Sheets on UNIX, vi, and E-mail are also available through the University of Tennessee Computing Center at the Stokely Management Center on the second floor (here at UTK).

Even if you are not at UTK, more information on topics or commands can be obtained by typing man command_name on the computer. This command has been described in greater detail earlier in this document.

Other http addresses on the World Wide Web may also prove helpful. Here are two that we have found:

Finally, there are also several books around which can prove to be quite instrumental in learning UNIX, vi, and X-Windows. A few of these are listed in the following bibliography.

Good luck in your new adventures!