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4 X-Windows

Please note: This discussion applies only to the environment created for JICS users on the University of Tennessee Computer Science Department. This will dictate the manner in which the windows and other items are situated on your screen. This setup will also determine how the mouse buttons will react in different instances. We present this here as an example of how an X windowing environment would be used. For details about the configuration of the X windows at other sites, consult the local computer systems administrator.

X is an environment which allows great flexibility through the use of windows. For example, one could be remotely logged on one or more machines in different windows while working on the local computer in one or more windows. One could edit code in one window, compile in another, and execute the code in a third window.

Windows can also be used for software packages, demos, or graphs.

The mouse is the main user interface for creating windows, placing windows, and manipulating windows in all the ways listed below.