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2.0.4 Notes on Compiling     continued...

If there are any syntax errors in your code, the compiler will detect them as the compiler attempts to generate object code. When errors are found, they are listed on the screen. Some compilers document errors better than others. Some compilers state specifically what is wrong, some state where the problem is, while others just state that there are problems.

To compile, type compiler_name compiler_option(s) file_name(s).

Remember the file_name should include the appropriate extension. For example: Fortran files should end in .f, MPL files on the MasPar should end in .m, C files should end in .c, Pascal files should end in .p, and LISP files should end in .lsp. On the CM5, CMFortran files should end in .fcm and C* files should end in .cs as well.