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1.10.2 jobs

Lists jobs and their i.d. numbers. If the prompt is returned without any additional information, you have no jobs running.

A job can be created by placing an & after a command, which makes the command executable in a background mode. For example: xwebster& allows one to keep the window where the command has been typed active, even while the xwebster process is also still active.

<CONTROL> Z stops a running process, but does not kill it. bg will restart a stopped job and put it in the background, giving control to the window you were in. fg will restart a stopped job and put it in the foreground, giving control to the process. <CONTROL> C will then kill a job if necessary.

Another way to kill a job is to first find the number of the job you wish to kill by typing jobs. Then, to kill, say job number 5, which was listed, type kill %5.

Suppose you type jobs and this appears:

[1] Stopped xwebster +
[2] - Running xcalc
[3] Running mosaic

To kill xwebster, job #1 listed above, type kill %1.