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1.3 Logging Out:

In general, the logging off instructions are specific to the type of display device, and you should consult your local computer administrator for how to do this on the workstation or X terminal you are using.

If you are logged in to remote computers, either via telnet, rlogin or rsh, whether you are using a windowing environment or not, you should alway terminate all remote connections before logging off. This is done as follows.

First ``kill" all processes or jobs. (See ps or jobs for information on ``killing" processes or jobs.) Then ``kill" all connections to remote computers.

To ``kill" the connection and logout of a remote computer, simply type exit in the window which you used to rlogin, telnet, or rsh to the remote computer.

After you have killed all the processes, jobs and connections to remote computers, follow your local site-dependent instructions for terminating your X-Windows session if you are using an X-Windows environment. If you have followed the procedure correctly, a new login prompt should appear. If this doesn't happen, seek help.

Note: If you are using a workstation or X terminal, you should not turn it off when you are finished unless your local computer administrator indicates otherwise.