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1.9.2 setenv DISPLAY machine:0.0

When running X windows, this allows you to be working on a remote machine and view the window applications at your workstation. This is used together with xhost +.

Note: xhost + must be typed in a local window. The setenv DISPLAY machine:0.0 command must be typed in the window of the remote computer (after logging onto it).

From a window on a computer named pulsar, type

setenv DISPLAY cetus4e:0.0

if you are at workstation cetus4e and working on pulsar (both of which are in the same domain of the local network, e.g. at the University of Tennessee Computer Science Department) and want to be able to view your applications.

Note that if you are attempting to display from a remote computer which is not in the same local area of the network as your workstation, you will have to specify the full name of the remote workstation. For example:

From a pulsar window, type

setenv DISPLAY

if youare at workstation and want to be able to view your applications. Please remember to use this command in conjunction with the xhost + command listed above.