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1.1 Logging In:     continued...

If the computer you wish to work with has a dark screen, do not panic. The screen saver has been activated after keys have not been touched for a certain amount of time. (The screen saver keeps images from being permanently written into the screen.) Simply press return and the login prompt should appear. At this prompt, type in the username which you were given and press return. Then, the password prompt will appear and you simply type in your password followed by return. This password will be given to you the first time you login. (You should change your password after the first time to something which is easy for you to remember so you do not have to write it down anywhere.)

As you type in your password, the characters you type WILL NOT appear on the screen.

If you type the password incorrectly or take too much time attempting to type the password, Login Incorrect will appear on the screen. You will then be given another chance to type in both your username and password.

Please remember that Unix is case-sensitive. Your password should be typed in exactly as written on the sheet of paper (for first login) or exactly as you typed it in when you changed your password with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols the same as before.