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1.1 Logging In:

You may login to a Unix system in a number of ways. For example, you may login at the console of a workstation, or through an X terminal, or using rlogin, rsh or telnet from another computer on the network.

A workstation is a type of computer capable of operating in a windowing environment (in which the user can do several things at once in different windows on the screen attached to the computer). A workstation is often used by only one user (who sits at the screen). Unlike an X terminal (see below), however, a person may login to the workstation from another computer in the network and run programs on that workstation.

An X terminal, on the other hand, is a windowing display device whose only purpose is to connect the user sitting at the screen to other computers on the network in a windowing environment.

Consult your local computer administrator for how to use a windowing environment on your display device. (Some workstations automatically start you in a windowing environment whereas on others you may have to initiate the windowing environment yourself using, for example, the xinit or startx commands.) See Section 4 for an example of using an X window system at the University of Tennessee Computer Science Department.