Table of Contents

  Part A - Survey of Computational Science Tools

An Overview Of Computational Science
Scientific Visualization in High Performance Computing
Computer Architecture
Tutorials for Network and Visualization Tools
Tutorials for PVM, MasPar, CM-5, iPSC860
Fortran 90 and Computational Science

  Part B - Selected Computational Methods

Numerical Linear Algebra
Ordinary Differential Equations
Some High Performance Computing Issues in PDEs - Part I
Some High Performance Computing Issues in PDEs - Part II
Random Number Generators
Monte Carlo Methods
Mathematical Optimization (updated: 1/96)

  Part C - Case Studies

Ocean Models, by Lakshmi Kantha and Steve Piacsek (
Monte Carlo Surface to Surface Particle Transport, by Pat Burns (
Direct and Inverse Bioelectric Fields Problems, by Chris R. Johnson (
Chaos from Nonlinear Mappings , by K.T.R. Davies (
Seismic Wave Propagation and Inversion , by Phil Bording (
Mutational Meltdown of Endangered Species, by John Conery (