Instructions and Hints: T-S Database Use

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Instructions and Hints: T-S Database Use

These sections describe the use of programs that (1) read the temperature and salinity database files salt.ann, salt.aut, salt.spr, salt.sum,, temp.ann, temp.aut, temp.spr, temp.sum, and, and extract the data specific to a particular geographic region and (2) create PostScript plots of the fields for the region. These files contain either T or S information at a given longitude and latitude for a water column of 1 degree square cross section. The seasonal files (salt.aut, etc.) contain data at twenty four depths, and the yearly files (salt.ann and temp.ann) have data for thirty three depths.

Retrieve the T-S database using ftp. Untarring this file will create directory tands/data, which will contain the ten temperature and salinity files mentioned above.

The files for reading the database and creating plots of the T and S fields are here. Untarring this archive will create the directories tands/code and tands/plot. You can then cd to the code directory and begin to create plots of the T or S fields for the geographic region(s) of your choice by following the instructions given below.

In the following discussion, bold is used to emphasize the steps the user must perform, and roman font is used for text that provides a fuller explanation of what happens as each command is executed.