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5 Examples

This section discusses several visualization applications software packages that are available on the Internet. The applications discussed in some detail in this section are either in the public domain or copyrighted but free. Most of the applications discussed have an accompanying users guide that explains the use of the software in quite a bit of detail. The purpose of this section is to present very brief introductions to several packages. These introductory treatments are intended to serve as a `fast start' mechanism for computational scientists who want to use visualization tools, not as a replacement for the various user guides.

The visualization tools introduced by way of example in this section provide the following capabilities.

Wire Frame Surface Plots (plotmtv)

Two Dimensional Raster Maps (ximage)

Sectioning of Three Dimensional Data Sets (xds)

Viewing Tools (xv)

File Conversion (imconv)

(You may retrieve Postscript files of the above quickstarts: xmgr, plotmtv, ximage, xds, xv, imconv.)

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