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1 Introduction

Large scale computer simulations require a special class of tools for calibration, debugging and interpretation of results. Computer graphics and scientific visualization are currently finding increasing use in many large scale modeling efforts. Visualization provides an effective means of dealing with many aspects of numerical models involving large scale computation. Applications of visualization in this area include data set preparation, model calibration, code debugging, code performance analysis, and interpretation and presentation of model results. Visualization is especially useful in allowing modelers to interrogate the data sets produced by their models. Often a modeler will need to recalibrate a computer model and recompute to expose certain details or features in the underlying physical problem. Visualization helps the modeler to ensure that all of the detail available from a particular set of computational results is exposed before undertaking the often expensive task of recomputing.

This chapter discusses some recent advances in the application of scientific visualization software tools in the area of computational science. Specifically, we illustrate how visualization tools are being used in three areas of mathematical simulation modeling

data entry and data integrity
code debugging and code performance analysis
interpretation and display of final results.