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6.1 Important Environment Variables     continued...

MP_EUILIB - specifies which Communication SubSystem (CSS) library implementation to use for communication. Set to ip (for Internet Protocol CSS) or us (for User Space CSS, which allows one to drive the high-performance switch directly from parallel tasks without going through the kernel or operating system).

MP_EUIDEVICE - sets the adaptor used for message passing: en0 (Ethernet), fi0 (FDDI), tr0 (token-ring), or css0 (the high-performance switch adaptor). [Note: This variable is ignored if the US CSS library is used.]

MP_EUIDEVELOP - whether MPL should do more detailed checking during program execution. (This takes a value of yes or no).

MP_TRACEFILE - name of the trace file to be created during the execution of a program where tracing commands appear within the code.

MP_TRACELEVEL - level of VT tracing (0 = NONE, 9 = ALL trace records are on, 1, 2, & 3 are each a different combination of some trace records.

MP_INFOLEVEL - amount of diagnostic information your program displays as it runs (0 - 5 with 0 being the least amount of information given.)

You may wish to use a shell script to set the appropriate environment variables or you could set important environment variables in your .login file.