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6.1 Important Environment Variables     continued...

MP_HOSTFILE - specifies the name of a host file for node allocation. This can be any file name, NULL or `` ". The default host list file is host.list in the current directory.

MP_HOSTFILE does not need to be set if the host list file is the default, host.list.

A host list file must be present if either:

1) specific node allocation is required,
2) non-specific node allocation from a number of system pools is requested, or
3) a host list file named something other than the default host.list will be used.

MP_SAVEHOSTFILE - names the output host file to be generated by the partition manager. This designated file will contain the names of the nodes on which your parallel program actually ran.

MP_RETRY - specifies the period of time (in seconds) between allocation retries if not enough processors are available.

MP_RETRYCOUNT - specifies the number of times the partition manager should attempt to allocate processor nodes before returning without having run your program.