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6 Parallel Operating Environment (POE)

The POE consists of parallel compiler scripts, POE environment variables, parallel debugger(s) and profiler(s), MPL, and parallel visualization tools. These tools allow one to develop, execute, profile, debug, and fine-tune parallel code.

A few important terms you may wish to know are Partition Manager, Resource Manager, and Processor Pools. The Partition Manager controls your partition, or group of nodes on which you wish to run your program. The Partition Manager requests the nodes for your parallel job, acquires the nodes necessary for that job (if the Resource Manager is not used), copies the executables from the initiating node to each node in the partition, loads executables on every node in the partition, and sets up standard I/O.

The Resource Manager keeps track of the nodes currently processing a parallel task, and, when nodes are requested from the Partion Manager, it allocates nodes for use. The Resource Manager attempts to enforce a ``one parallel task per node" rule.

The Processor Pools are sets of nodes dedicated to a particular type of process (such as interactive, batch, I/O intensive) which have been grouped together by the system administrator(s).

For more information about the processor or node, pools available on your system, simply type jm_status -P when on the SP2 machine.