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11.2 XLoadLeveler Overview

One can get into the XLoadLeveler, the X-Windows version of the LoadLeveler, while on the SP2 by typing

A large window sectioned into three parts will appear on the screen. The three sub-windows are the Jobs window, the Machines window, and the Messages window.

The Jobs Window will list the current jobs that have been submitted to LoadLeveler, whether they are running or not. This window also allows one to build jobs, prioritize them, cancel or hold them, and to display each job along with its status. A newly built job can be saved into a .cmd file for further use, such as job submission.

The Machines Window lists the machines, or nodes, available to the LoadLeveler CM. From this window, you can also create jobs, prioritize them, stop, or hold them. Jobs can be displayed by the machines they run on.

The Messages Window gives information on LoadLeveler activities. (Each activity is time-stamped.)

The best way to learn more about this X-Windows tool is to actually get into the XLoadLeveler and try it. The more you practice using a tool such as the XLoadLeveler, the better you will understand what the tool is capable of doing.