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10 Visualization Tool (VT)

The Visualization Tool(VT) is a graphical user interface which enables you to perform both trace visualization and (real time) performance monitoring within IBM's Parallel Environment. Note that this tool is only useful in the monitoring and visualization of MPL jobs.

You can get into VT by typing
vt &

OR by typing vt tracefile &
where tracefile is the name of a previously created tracefile.

Many ``views" are also available for looking into Computation and Communication, and System, Network, and Disk utilizations under trace visualization. All of these ``views" except Communication are available under performance monitoring. These ``views" can be in the form of pie charts, bar charts, and grids. There is one 3-D representation of processor CPU utilization.

More information about VT can be found using the InfoExplorer. Also, the Maui High Performance Computing Center has some very detailed information available on the World Wide Web. Their URL is listed in the ``More Information" section of this document.