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Appendix --- cshrc.stub File

This appendix contains the cshrc.stub file that is placed in the user's .cshrc file after the path variable is defined.

# append this file to your .cshrc to set path according to machine type.
# you may wish to use this for your own programs (edit the last part to
# point to a different directory f.e. ~/bin/_$PVM_ARCH.
if (! $?PVM_ROOT) then
        if (-d ~/pvm3) then
                setenv PVM_ROOT ~/pvm3
                echo PVM_ROOT not defined
                echo To use PVM, define PVM_ROOT and rerun your .cshrc

if ($?PVM_ROOT) then
        setenv PVM_ARCH `$PVM_ROOT/lib/pvmgetarch`
# uncomment the following line if you want the PVM executable directory
# to be added to your shell path.
#       set path=($path $PVM_ROOT/bin/$PVM_ARCH)