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4 Running PVM Applications     continued...

As if it were any other UNIX executable, you need only type the name of the executable at your system prompt to start your PVM application.

makina1> pvm3/bin/SUN4/master
The sum is 12000

While the PVM daemon is running, you may edit and recompile your PVM programs as you require. There is no need to keep halting and restarting the daemon and console programs to make alterations in your code.

When you have finished, you need to halt PVM. Bring the PVM console to the foreground with the fg command or restart it if you had quit earlier and issue the halt command.

makina1> pvm3/lib/SUN4/pvm
pvmd already running.
pvm> halt
libpvm [t40001]: mxfer() EOF on pvmd sock

This will terminate all PVM daemons within the virtual machine configuration that included the host issuing the halt command.