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4 Running PVM Applications     continued...

If you wish to dynamically create or alter your virtual machine, you do not need to create a hostfile. Use the add and delete commands to add and remove computers from your virtual machine.

pvm> add makina9
1 successful
                    HOST     DTID
                 makina9    1c0000
pvm> delete makina2
1 successful
                    HOST  STATUS
                 makina2   deleted

Other PVM console commands are described in the PVM 3 User's Guide and Reference Manual.

Your PVM application can be started on any of the hosts in the virtual machine. To do this from the initial host, we can either put the PVM console into the background with a control-Z followed by bg or issue the quit command. The quit command only exits the console program; all the daemons and PVM tasks are left running. You may quit and restart the PVM console any number of times without disturbing any of the PVM daemons or hosts in the configuration. Of course, if you have multiple windows on the initial host, you can leave the console program running in one window while you execute your programs from anoher.

pvm> quit

pvmd still running.