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4 Running PVM Applications     continued...

There will be no indication that the configuration is in place. Error messages will be displayed if the daemon encounters any problems in starting up on any of the computers listed in the hostfile. To confirm that all requested computers have been added to your virtual machine, start the PVM console program.

makina1> pvm3/lib/SUN4/pvm
pvmd already running.

The prompt for the PVM console is pvm>. From this prompt you can add or delete computers from your virtual machine, list the current virtual machine configuration and check the status of executing tasks. The help or ? command accesses the interactive help facility.

The conf command lists the current virtual machine configuration. This list includes the host name, PVM daemon task id, architecture type, and relative speed rating.

pvm> conf
6 hosts, 1 data format
                    HOST     DTID     ARCH  SPEED
                 makina1     40000     SUN4   1000
                 makina2     80000     SUN4   1000
                 makina3     c0000     SUN4   1000
                 makina4    100000     SUN4   1000
                 makina5    140000     SUN4   1000
                 makina6    180000     SUN4   1000